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Facilitate the next NFT Gaming.

Empower the world of NFT Gaming & NFT Marketplace with lowest fee and highest compatibility.

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Quick Facts

Live transactions per second
Avg. cost per transaction
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Lucky Network works with your favorite wallet including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, SafePal,... No need to install another crypto wallet!
GameFi Chain
Knowing the difficulty of GameFi fees, we provide the lowest fees possible for developers to integrate their games into Lucky Network
Legendary Metaverse
Dive deep into the metaverse of Lucky Network as we have a unified standard for developing characters and items inside Lucky Network
Lucky Unicorn
Serve as the main and only way of minting new L99 token inside the Lucky Network by participating in games
Decentralized Authority Organization that will handle all decisions made inside Lucky Network using power of votes
Decentralized Exchange enables trustless exchanges between anonymous parties with transparent in liquidity and assets
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Low Fee Gas
Transactions are made as low as 0.0001$. With optimized and fast consensus algorithm, Lucky Network ensures low fee gas for every transactions happen inside the Lucky Network.
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NFT GameFi Platform
With RNG built-in chain, developers can integrate their existing GameFi into Lucky Network or starting a new one, with no changes in code because we are Solidity-supported!
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Ways to get involved

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